LIONS is not just a product or program but a PASSION of mine to serve and support people looking for an opportunity for greater self-development and improved mental well-being.

The program's learning journey is over 12 stages and 44 vital elements (topics) that support your self-learning to shape habits and behaviours towards greater self-empowerment. 

LIONS offers learning and transformation from disciplines like philosophy, science, Eastern wisdom, emotional intelligence, self-mastery, mindfulness, and business management. 

All practices I take you on were developed through decades and decades of my own discipline towards self-discovery, self-mastery, growth, and evolution.

"Taming Our Mind" is at the peak of our greatest ambition, and in Stage 8 of the LIONS program, we work with SIX high-impact habits, one of which is Meditation. 

I've prepared two 10-minute energy empowering guided meditations for you to experience my voice and an element of the LIONS journey. 

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Please note that I am committed to treating your information with respect and will never spam you or send excessive content, nor will I provide this information to any third parties. I aim to provide valuable content while creating genuine connections with the LIONS community.

- Tammy Hamawi
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